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Customer stories that motivate our work

Learn how our customers outsmart their challenges and unlock what’s possible with data-driven cannabis production strategies. Explore their success stories below.

Ascension Farm

A lot of people start growing because they want the dank—very few make a career out of it. But for co-owner of Ascension Farm, Jeff Winnard, a single plant helped steer him to success and this entire sea of green.
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Wood Wide Highcraft

There’s an entire universe beneath our feet, a vast underground interconnection between our planet’s trees and millions of fungi and bacteria. This system of collaboration known as the Wood Wide Web ensures the transfer of nutrients between roots and the soil for tens of thousands of trees that extends across dozens of countries around the globe.
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See how AROYA helped cannabis cultivators Wonderbrett achieve consistent
quality for their grow.
Case studies3 min read time

Elevated Cannabis

The seeds that sow the story behind Elevated Cannabis Co. began in hardship. Before Richard Bardsley and Kevin Krivitsky’s cannabusiness began, the two brothers were left to forge their own paths, without much more than each other.
Case studies4 min read time

Grizzly Peak

The ability to track progress, manage tasks, and simplify processes reverberates throughout the entire company – but it’s the cultivators who truly benefit.
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With operations of this size and this amount of money on the line, there’s a lot of pressure. But much of that was relieved when the team at Shango started implementing cannabis sensor technology in their grow rooms.
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To monitor multiple states, climates, environments, and conditions, you can’t dispatch your master growers to every site all the time—that model’s not scalable or sustainable.
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Vertical's journeys into commercial cultivation all began from disparate starting points, which makes their POVs into the industry oh-so- colorful and interesting.
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