Case studies

Customer stories that motivate our work

Learn how our customers outsmart their challenges and unlock what’s possible with data-driven cannabis production strategies. Explore their success stories below.

Case studies6 min read time

Top-shelf edible experience

Kalikori Maine

Since 2016, Kalikori Melts has been cultivating a top-shelf edible experience, starting with the ingredients they use.

Case studies5 min read time

A husband-and-wife team

Medusa's Eden

Read the AROYA case study covering the husband and wife team Dexter and Virginia Holmes.

Case studies5 min read time

Committed to the cure

East Coast Cure

Read the AROYA case study covering cannabis cultivator Dylan Proctor, CEO and Owner of East Coast Cure.

Case studies4 min read time

Plant tissue micropropagation and culture

Node Labs

Read the case study on Node Labs, who offer plant tissue micropropagation and culture techniques in the cannabis industry.

Case studies5 min read time

The tight-knit team

Ascension Farm

Read the AROYA case study with Ascension Farm co-owner Jeff Winnard and learn how a single plant helped steer him to success.

Case studies7 min read time

Wood Wide Highcraft

The Wood Wide Web

There’s an entire universe beneath our feet, a vast underground interconnection between our planet’s trees and millions of fungi and bacteria. This system of collaboration known as the Wood Wide Web ensures the transfer of nutrients between roots and the soil for tens of thousands of trees that extends across dozens of countries around the globe.

Case studies3 min read time

Pushing the envelope


See how AROYA helped cannabis cultivators Wonderbrett achieve consistent quality for their grow.

Case studies4 min read time

In hardship for brothers


Read the story behind Elevate Cannabis Co., which began in hardship for brothers Richard Bardsley and Kevin Krivitsky.

Case studies3 min read time

Oakland’s Green Zone

Grizzly Peak

Learn about the successful growing techniques of cannabis cultivator Gonzalo Soto of Grizzly Peak.

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