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Scalability. Consistency. Yeah, they’re buzzwords, but we can back them up. We bring you insights to grow healthier plants, and grow your budding empire. Let’s dig into what makes AROYA® the ultimate cannabis cultivation platform.

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Some of you are still using spreadsheets, multiple platforms, or pen and paper to manage your cannabiz. You don’t have to do that. There’s a better way: one platform, automated, integrated, fully transparent, from seed to package.


Whether you’re splicing off mothers or working with purchased clone lots, our software helps you keep track of every strain, every time, for every plant stock and new harvest group. Set it, forget it, then remember it at any time. 

Vegetative Growth

Your seeds are sprouting. You know you’ve got to get the lighting, water, EC, drybacks, and VPD just so. AROYA helps you during this critical period: know what’s happening in the substrate, customize your irrigation events per strain, grow your plants tall and lush, seamlessly tell pests to buzz off, and keep the team on task. Cut a week off of veg by nailing all veg inputs. 

Generative Growth (Flower)

Get those buds big and bulky while keeping your quality consistently high. You know flowering is the moment of truth and we help you stay true to your ideal. Harness the power of historical data to reap the benefits in your harvest. Track your growth environment, your harvest events, and any waste culling effortlessly. Manage flowering parameters to get healthier plants, closer node spacing, better calyx to leaf ratios, develop cannabinoids and terpenes to their full genetic potential.


So you’ve harvested your top-tier flower, but unless you’ve got drying down, you might lose what you’ve gained. That’s where we come in. We measure moisture content with pinpoint precision so you will always know exactly where you are in the drying process, when it’s processing time, and preserve that freshness you’re looking for and your customers will love.


Dry flower is ready for weighing, packaging, shipping, compliance logging, and making sure your healthy plants go to happy customers … on time, every time. Our platform helps you take care of it all with mobile tag scanning, bluetooth balancing, batch yield tracking, water activity monitoring and so much more. Plus, AROYA’s METRC integration lets growers submit compliance reporting at every stage with a single click (select markets only).

Continuous Improvement

Scaling and leveling up requires high quality business insights. AROYA helps you keep increasing yield, improving quality, and reducing overhead by repurposing all your intelligence from your best batch into actionable recipes to provide what your market values. We help you get to where you want to go and where you need to be to keep pace in this rapidly evolving industry.

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