Advanced climate data for cultivators.

There’s data in the air. Harvest it with the reengineered AROYA CLIMATE ONE: One small aspirated station to collect all the climate data cannabis cultivators need to know – 24/7. Now with CO2 monitoring and more precise data than ever before.


Air temperature


Relative humidity


Vapor pressure deficit


Ambient CO2

The roots are only half the battle. Master climate cues like VPD and CO2 to steer a clear course to dense, potent, top-quality bud. Dial in your atmosphere for accelerated nutrient uptake, improved plant respiration, and stronger growth when and where you need it.

Vapor pressure deficit data you can trust. Precise VPD calculations rely on accurate RH and temperature measurements. The CLIMATE ONE aspirated station has it all: Research-grade climate data and researcher-vetted equations to do the math for you.

What will you do with CO2? Deploy your secret weapon with less risk – now you know precisely how much CO2 is in the atmosphere. CLIMATE ONE measures temperature, relative humidity, and VPD every 3 minutes, and samples CO2 5X per minute – so you’ll never miss an opportunity to supplement, and you’ll never overdo it.

Easy installation. And easy everything else.

The included pulley system and hanging hooks make it simple to mount the station just right. Finish setup by plugging it in, then using the AROYA app to scan the sticker on the station – and that’s it. Your CLIMATE ONE will automatically sync climate data to AROYA every three minutes, 24/7.

Rugged but sensitive.

CLIMATE ONE was created by the same engineers that designed weather stations trusted by the National Weather Service in the world’s harshest climates – and stations used by university researchers to deliver unquestionable data for scientific studies.

It’s tough enough for the most challenging indoor grows and sensitive enough for the most nitpicky cultivators.



Measurement Range:  

-10 to 50 °C (14 - 122 °F)



± 0.7 °C (for 0 to 35 °C (32 - 95 °F))


Relative Humidity

Measurement Range:

0 to 95 % (non-condensing)



± 3% (for 20 to 80 %)



Measurement Range:

0 to 2000 ppm


± 50 ppm + 3% of measured reading



Wireless BLE mesh network (provisioned by AROYA)



ASA plastic


48V PoE (via included Injector or 802.3af compliant device) -  3W Peak, 1.4W Average

Measurement Interval:

3 minutes

Air Flow:

Approximately 0.2 m³/min