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Saving a $450,000 crop – you can't say enough good things about that.

Our conversation with Jake Shockey, General Manager with Peninsula Gardens.
Grower of the month14 min read time

This is a lifestyle choice. I'm doing this so maybe I'm not stuck in this regular time job.

June's Grower of the Month is Jacob Ray, Head of Cultivation with Oregon's Injoy Cannabis.
Grower of the month17 min read time

Now we're actually learning something about this plant, rather than some heady bro saying, “Oh, she's a real drinker.”

Our conversation with Josh Ginsberg, Director of Cultivation with Sozo.
Grower of the month10 min read time

Really understanding the plant with all the data behind it makes your life much easier.

Our conversation with Nelson Junco, Director of Cultivation with Freedom Town Holdings.
Grower of the month6 min read time

I would not be able to do what I do at the level that I do it if I didn't have access to this quantifiable data.

Our conversation with Eddie Hanson, CEO of Apex Growth Solutions.
Grower of the month8 min read time

Being open to new techniques makes you a better grower.

Our conversation with Drew Lian, Master Grower with Carmel.
Grower of the month11 min read time

All my grows are literally run through my headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Our conversation with Sean Oganesyan, Senior Vice President of Cultivation with STIIIZY.
Grower of the month5 min read time

When you have a chance to see the data, you're always a step ahead

Our conversation with Mo Korched, Partner/VP of Operations at Whipple Effect
Grower of the month5 min read time

The name of the game in 2022 is scale.

We sat for a chat with Gonzalo Soto, Cultivation Manager at Grizzly Peak
Grower of the month9 min read time
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