Irrigation Control


Irrigation control through AROYA® allows you to set and manage more complex watering schedules, all from one place. This is data-driven dripping made easy.


Watering your plants just got simpler with our OpenSprinkler integration. Designed with growers in mind and tested in commercial cultivations, we’ve merged the best of both worlds with this upgrade. Keep tabs on water volume and view all of your data together; you’ll now have the ability to manage your automatic drip irrigation system within AROYA, eliminating the need to log into additional programs or keep data logged on separate spreadsheets.

Like a personal assistant for your plants.

Set specific schedules for your cultivars and AROYA takes care of the rest. Adjust for time, duration, and length of your drip irrigation. Easily replicate and link schedules to your harvest groups and recipes (Non-METRC integrated clients only). Manage a maze of irrigation schedules across multiple rooms—and even different zones within a room. One of the best parts? This integration is backed by sensor technology that’s been developed over three decades and tailored to the exact needs of cannabis cultivators.

Control freaks?
So are we.

Get out of Excel hell, free up bandwidth, and make better data-driven decisions depending on the needs of your cultivars, all from one platform. Our cannabis irrigation controller integration lets you do even more with AROYA, like set schedules, enjoy extra sight into your grow, and respond to issues quicker (like missed watering events). Customize irrigation start times, volumes, and durations based on media and substrate size. Then sit back and relax while AROYA does what it does best, bringing more consistency to your operations, this time via perfectly-scheduled P1s and P2s.

As far as controller integrations go, this is just the beginning. Learn more about the possibilities growers get with this expansion.

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"Data and transparency has been a game changer. It's basically what allows us to make the best decisions in the garden— just knowing what's going on at all times, whether you're here or not...and being able to basically interpret all the historical data that we're collecting has affected us greatly, because now we're able to make smarter decisions for the future."

Gonzalo Soto
Head of Cultivation
Grizzly Peak

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