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Crop steering - The Ultimate Guide

Learn about AROYA crop steering management practices in this article, allowing more successful cultivation.
Education Guides15 min read

The cannabis processor’s complete guide to moisture and water activity

Learn the risks of over-drying and under-drying cannabis and how AROYA technology gives you precise measurements.
Education Guides16 min read

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Getting Into the Weeds of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)

When it comes to using data to dial your environment getting a handle on the science can go a long way – and there’s no better place to start than with vapor pressure deficit, or VPD.
Education Guides2 min read

Getting more out of
cannabis light intensity

Breaking down some of the ways growers can leverage light intensity for cannabis.
Education Guides5 min read

Factoring photomorphogenesis
into your lighting strategy

When it comes to lighting, cultivators can learn a lot from keeping plant photomorphogenesis in mind.
Education Guides5 min read

6 Crucial Inputs for Optimal Sativa cannabis Cultivation

Indica and Sativa are generally more marketing labels than anything, yet in general, there are differences between the two that cultivators should take note of.
Education Guides5 min read

Dialing in on data for strain specific terpene profiles

One of the most amazing benefits cannabis cultivators get when they utilize technology that allows for deep data collection is how much sight they can gain into their grows.
Education Guides5 min read

Getting to the root
of cannabis runoff

In cannabis, runoff is often used to gauge nutrient buildup. But there's much more to the story.
Education Guides5 min read

Which cannabis cultivation data should
you track when crop steering?

For an effective crop steering strategy, understanding what data must be traced by cannabis growers is key.
Education Guides5 min read

The benefits of analyzing and testing
cannabis leaf tissue

How leaf tissue testing for cannabis can help growers get to the root of nutrient imbalances.
Education Guides5 min read

Integrated Pest Management
for Cannabis Cultivators

Learn the three steps of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a sustainable practice to mitigate pests and benefit plants and businesses.
Education Guides5 min read
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