Producer takeaways

Before and After AROYA

See below to read about the challenges and huge improvements in cultivation, production, product quality, data management and cost savings that growers mentioned before and after implementing the AROYA® system. Using our data-driven production strategies, they overcame major issues and unlocked the door to greater possibilities for their cannabis product quality, as well as their yield.

Production issues before implementing AROYA


✘ No holistic view or insights of cultivation operation

✘ Siloed point solution software and controls systems

✘ Environments were difficult to manage

✘ Manual cannabis production strategies

✘ Business IP locally managed in spreadsheets

✘ Quality of product suffered (low THC levels)

✘ Very little yield for the grower and no predictability



Production wins after implementing AROYA


✔ Cultivar yields improved by 30-40%

✔ Accelerate product innovation

✔ Automated cannabis production

✔ Real-time process visibility and predictable forecasting

✔ Integration of existing technology investments

✔ Product quality is now repeatable and consistent

✔ Growers in control of plants

✔ Manual labor cost was reduced

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Before AROYA, everything you feel and you see, and you have to make a decision off of that and you hope it's the right one. Whereas with AROYA, you're getting a much more accurate picture.

Nina Keatley
Head of Cultivation
Wood Wide

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