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What is AROYA Office Hours?

AROYA® Office Hours is a weekly Google Hangout session held every Thursday at 1:20 pm PST/4:20 pm EST to answer your burning questions about cultivation. This is your chance to ask about crop steering, sensors, and the many ways AROYA can help with commercial craft cultivation!

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AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Eight: Field Capacity, Terps, Irrigation Strategy & When to Measure Leaf Temps

We never get tired of learning about the science behind cannabis cultivation.
Office Hours62 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Seven: We Chat with Anna Willey, Founder & CEO of CAM!

Dig into the realities of scaling a successful cannabusiness with Anna Willey of CAM!
Office Hours65 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Six: We Talk Curing, Humidity, Leaf Temp & More

Seth and Jason got to talk about a ton of topics on episode 56, including ways to ensure your curing process goes smoothly, a breakdown of humidity, and the importance of knowing leaf temperature
Office Hours64 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Five: Chats with Guest Cultivator, Dylan from Grizzly Farms PDX!

Drop in on the hottest educational podcast to hit the scene for growers!
Office Hours64 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Four: Runoff, Drybacks, P1s, P2s, P3s – Oh My!

Looking for the best free education resource for cannabis growers? You’re in the right place.
Office Hours58 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Three: A First Look at AROYA Split Graphs + Our Cultivation Q&A!

The team is back at it and we’re showing you some brand new features this week.
Office Hours61 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Two: A Guest Grower and Our Crop Steering Q&A!

When the growing gets tough, the tough get growing on the biggest free cultivation resource—AROYA Office Hours!
Office Hours52 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-One (1/12): Crop Registrations, LEDs, Lighting, & the TEROS 12

We hopped straight to the hardcore crop steering discussion with Jason this week. Get the key learnings from E51!
Office Hours48 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty: Our Cultivation Q&A with Special Guest Grower, Jack Whipple!

We’re starting the year off strong with one of our most plant-passionate clients and cultivators, Jack Whipple! Discover the learnings we had on episode fifty
Office Hours5 min watch
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