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AROYA® Office Hours is a weekly Google Hangout session held every Thursday at 1:20 pm PST/4:20 pm EST to answer your burning questions about cultivation. This is your chance to ask about crop steering, sensors, and the many ways AROYA can help with commercial craft cultivation!

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Office Hours60 min watch

Nutrient management, drought stress, whiteboard debut, & much more!

Office Hours Episode 102

Getting into the weeds of cultivation!

Office Hours60 min watch

Considerations for coco newbies, dialing in the dry room, dryback math, & much more!

Office Hours Episode 101

Back to the business of talking crops!

Office Hours60 min watch

Cultivating mental health with Tyler & Bryan from Front Row Ag!

Office Hours Episode 100

Thanks for supporting the pod, Growmies!

Office Hours60 min watch

Learning from herms, staying mindful of morphology, crispy leaf show-and-tell, & More!

Office Hours Episode 99

99 episodes of growing together!

Office Hours60 min watch

Rooting-in right, RO water treatment tips, stretch strategy, substrate rinsing, & more!

Office Hours Episode 98

Let’s get into the weeds of your grow!

Office Hours60 min watch

Nutrient diagnoses, turgor refresher, generative irrigation strategy, & More!

Office Hours Episode 97

Crop tips with Seth & Jason!

Office Hours60 min watch

Breeding tips, deleafing decisions, dialing in VPD, & More!

Office Hours Episode 96

Blinding you with (plant) science!

Office Hours60 min watch

Day/Night target ranges, how AROYA GO differs from Core, calculating drybacks, & More!

Office Hours Episode 95

Let’s get into the weeds!

Office Hours60 min watch

A deep-dive into pH, cure space considerations, managing powdery mildew, & More!

Office Hours Episode 94

Growing together every week!

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