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AROYA cultivation management platform with base station hardware, soil moisture sensors, micro climate monitor, and mobile Apple and Android powered apps

Track, Master, Plan

Precision is the key to cultivation success.  AROYA is the premier cannabis production platform, combining innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that help you to improve quality and yield – predictably and at scale.

Reliable data is the foundation for growth

The AROYA platform delivers those insights through powerful software on your phone, laptop or tablet. Now you can understand and improve the whole cultivation process. From substrate and the growing environment, to your workforce and product quality. Drive consistent, scalable success with features like harvest group planning, tasks, alerts, a digital grow journal, recipes – and much more.

Wireless AROYA substrate soil moisture sensor with solar panel attached

Climate + Substrate Sensors

Proper water, light and nutrient management  lie at the root of healthy cannabis cultivation. Yet the substrate has been a black box for growers so far. The industry-leading AROYA sensors enable precise, consistent and reliable measurements directly from the roots – so you can unlock the potential of your substrate … and your harvest.

“The AROYA platform is awesome. It’s not just a Bluelab probe - it’s a comprehensive solution.”

“AROYA has changed my approach to cultivation [by allowing me to see] what’s going on in the substrate.”

“This plant management system and sensor system is a critical tool to our program. It has really helped us scale and manage multiple facilities at the same time.”

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AROYA cultivation management base station

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