AROYA cultivation management base station with a substrate

Track, Master, Plan

Successful cultivation depends on many factors. Mastering this complexity is the key to success. AROYA is a unique integrated platform, tailor-made for cannabis cultivation. It combines innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights from data for everyone and helps you to improve quality and yield – predictably and at scale.

cultivation management base station with a sensor and antenna.

The root to success

Healthy growth requires proper water and nutrient management. Yet the substrate has been a black box for growers so far. The innovative AROYA Station enables precise, consistent and reliable measurements directly from the roots – so you can unlock the potential of your substrate.


Wireless sensor charging

Powered by light


Mesh network


Zero maintenance

Innovation through experience.

The sensor station has a unique fixed vertical sensor orientation that measures Water Content and Electric Conductivity with unprecedented precision and consistency. There is zero maintenance, because the station is not only wirelessly connected but is also powered wirelessly using the light in your facility.

AROYA cultivation management station with solar and soil moisture sensor

Connect the dots

Reliable data is the foundation for growth if you can turn it into actionable insights. AROYA delivers those insights through powerful software that helps you understand and improve the whole cultivation process. From environment and workforce to product quality and ROI. With features such as harvest group planning, tasks, alerts, a digital grow journal, recipes – and much more.

Focus on growth, at scale

AROYA allows everyone in your business to focus on their strengths. It gives grow techs guidance and understanding, so they can work confidently and improve their skills. It frees directors from uncertainty and exhausting micromanagement, so they can put their expertise to use at scale and tackle the bigger issues. It gives owners peace of mind, because they can see for themselves that everything is running according to plan. AROYA is designed to help elevate your whole cultivation operations to the next level.


Electrical conductivity in substrate


Water content in substrate


Light below and above canopy


Relative Humidity


Vapor pressure deficit


Temperature in air and substrate

AROYA cultivation management base station
AROYA cultivation management base station

AROYA allows everyone to use their substrate of preference (stonewool, coco peat, perlite, soil...whatever you choose to grow in).

AROYA cultivation management base station

The AROYA sensor station is compatible with 4” and 6” stonewool cubes and most 1 gallon bagged coir. Other configurations are also available.

AROYA cultivation management base station floating

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