Cultivate data. Grow knowledge. Harvest perfection.


Quality science leads to quality harvest. AROYA brings cultivators the research-backed sensors and software they need to continually increase yield and quality, scale profitably, and succeed spectacularly.

We power the industry’s top-shelf producers

The best just got better. Meet the next generation of high-performance, science-driven cultivation tools. Only from AROYA.


Dial in drybacks and master precision irrigation with a new sensor design that measures what others can’t.

  • compare run data
  • unrivaled EC & WC accuracy
  • substrate flexibility


Get the complete picture of your climate with one small station. Engineered for indoor and greenhouse grows.

  • accurate and effortless VPD
  • 4x/min CO2 readings
  • easy installation

Moisture Analyzer

The moisture analyzer gives you deeper insights into the cannabis drying process than you ever imagined, so you can get it right the first time and improve it every time.

  • aw + mc in 1 min
  • 10x more precise
  • replicable results


The AROYA platform tracks and analyzes your operations to provide a detailed snapshot into what’s going on with your grow on any given day. Because when it comes to ensuring consistent product quality, streamlined operations, and increased profitability—data is key.

Bump yields up to 43%

Be a know-it-all. You’re in command of how you cultivate. Take ownership over all your controls, recipes, harvest groups, and strains.

Advanced features. Use software features like crop steering,  irrigation scheduling, recipes, and predictive analytics to keep your quality consistent. 

More reasons why top producers choose AROYA

SOCII compliance

Keep your data fully protected, accessible, and confidential.

Unlimited users

Share data with anyone on your team no matter how big.

Fast install

Sync data to all your devices within 2 hours of setup.

Easy integration 

Receive and process data from multiple sources with our open API.