Freedom Grams

Freedom Grams

An initiative by AROYAยฎ by Addium, GABY Inc., and Last Prisoner Project, Freedom Grams is a not-for-profit cannabis brand in which each pack  comes in the exact amounts that people are in prison for. All proceeds from this label go to Last Prisoner Project who are dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform, aiding in the release of nonviolent cannabis prisoners.


When you buy Freedom Grams cannabis, you get the exact amount that someone is in prison for. You can also enter a prisonerโ€™s data at the, platform and the incarcerated prisoner will be featured on their website and on the Freedom Grams packaging.

Freedom Grams also features data-focused editorial content informing visitors of the unjust cannabis criminalization in the United States, as well as information to write to local politicians directly, join a petition, or connect with activist groups.

As an open-source brand, community can submit cases to feature on the packs. Growers,retailers, brands, or individuals can join by creating Freedom Grams labels for their own product with the online label generator.

"Freedom Grams is a platform to unite our entire industry. Anyone from grower to retailer can use our labels and join the initiative."

Kaisha-Dyan McMillan
Senior Content Manager