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General Questions

What is AROYA?

AROYA is the premier cannabis production platform, combining innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that help you improve profitability per square foot per year—predictably, and at scale. 

Our Technology

What sensor data do I get with AROYA?

With our suite of sensors, cultivators get access to data from their plant’s substrate (Electrical Conductivity, Water Content and Substrate Temp) and climate (Vapor Pressure Deficit, Light, and Air Temp). Learn more about our sensors for substrate, climate, and lighting, and the data they bring to cultivation.

Our Software

Do I need a subscription to use AROYA?

There are a few factors that go into determining whether or not a subscription is needed. Please reach out to us to book and demo and we can give you a more precise answer.

How to Get Started

How do I get set up with the system?

The first step is to request a demo with us. We’ll get a few details from you upfront, so our team can bring you the best solution for your size.

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