At Addium, we believe data adds more innovative solutions to the shifting agricultural and food landscape, while still ensuring safety and quality rooted in science. Growing a better future is within reach.

Simply precise. Our customers’ data management and measurement challenges are vast and complex. Our goal—our obsession—is to create simple, reliable systems to untangle that complexity. 

Each day, we recommit to our goal: to make the best instruments and software in the world. We won't settle for less than an industry-leading experience for our clients.

Make an impact

We’re working on difficult problems utilizing the latest tools and technologies to solve one of the most important problems of our time – establishing environmental and food safety instrumentation. 

Build the future

We also support non-profit programs for climate research and environmental safety programs. We love to collaborate and make impact. Our goal is to provide the earth and our community the best support to save the future.

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