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J. Cole famously went platinum with no features. Well, you’re not J. Cole, so we’ve assembled a complete suite of features for you to move real weight.


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  • Highest quality substrate, climate, and light sensors in the industry

  • Canopy management

  • Crop steering

  • Cultivation data tracking by room, harvest, and strain

  • Digital grow journal

  • DLI sensors

  • Environment sensors for temp, RH, and VPD

  • Grow calendar

  • Integrated pest management

  • Lighting measurement

  • Pipe and tank sensors for EC and temp

  • Plant tag import and tracking

  • Strain and harvest batch recipes

  • Substrate sensors for WC, EC, and temp

  • Photo documentation on timeline

  • Calendar view of events and tasks

  • Real-time data monitoring from anywhere


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  • Metrc integration

  • Bluetooth balances for auto-harvest

  • Harvest batch yield tracking

  • Package creation and tracking

  • Unlimited Metrc license interfaces

  • Unlimited seat licenses

  • Waste and cull tracking


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  • Facility map

  • Integrated ERP

  • Smart alerts

  • Task management

  • Yield per square foot per year calculations

  • Automated yield metrics sorted by rooms, strains and facilities


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  • Post-harvest water activity monitoring

  • Dry room and packaging moisture monitoring

  • Dry room temperature, rH and VPD monitoring

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