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The best just got better. Our platform makes it easy for you to consistently produce replicable quality at scale, all while helping you save on labor costs and reduce errors with better visibility into your grow. Command your entire growhouse from start to finish, over and over. We’re not just helping you plan for your next harvest, but for your long-term success and legacy of your canna-business.

Visualize your success.

Get a simple, beautiful readout of all your operations, plus integrated one-click METRC reporting at every stage, so you know you’re always in compliance. Wireless scales and tag scanners sync with AROYA®, so you no longer need to enter weights with an old-school keyboard. Enjoy not having to toggle between software, spreadsheets, or manual readings ever again. This is success, streamlined, without all the sticky fingers.

You and your team grow better when your technology just works. With our Ohaus system scale integration, processing your plants is simplified, saving you time and effort while bringing you more real-time data than a whiteboard ever could.

With our small-footprint portable weighing station, you have the flexibility to work where you need to. Take your full plant anywhere post-harvest or post-drying to get the wet and dry weights you need to deliver consistent, quality product.

Learn how our cannabis production platform delivers actionable data and insights in real-time to improve your bottom line. Our solutions cover production, crop steering, drying and processing while delivering ROI at every stage. You'll be in the know and continually optimizing from seed to shipment.

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"Data and transparency are really important. This was the major selling point to get AROYA. The platform has given us the data to show what's going on in our rooms and be able to translate that into the best production that we can create."

Mike Strupp
Wood Wide Highcraft

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