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Some basic facts about drying. Implementing AROYA® can help you easily learn to reap the benefits of a successful harvest with reliable water activity readings.

Overdrying vs. under-drying

We’ll help you avoid the slippery slope of overdrying vs. under-drying. Overdrying damages trichomes and affects yield. Under-drying violates regulations, increases the chances of mold contamination, and puts customers at risk. We measure according to ASTM standards D8196 and D8197 for cannabis professionals. Meeting both of these standards will help you pass audits and comply with regulations.

Meet our precision technology.

AROYA operates above and beyond most moisture analyzers. Others may sacrifice accuracy while changing the sample, operating with a heating element and a balance. Our drying technology includes the ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer to directly measure moisture content. With the AQUALAB 3 you’ll get a moisture content measurement with 10x the precision of traditional analysis within 60 seconds. Just put a sample in a cup, slide it into the instrument, and turn the dial.

Quicker curing means less risk.

Some growers may not know what curing really does or what science offers to help educate them. See through the haze of curing mythology with proven science and reliable sensors that offer data to help you create a better curing process. You can even know EXACTLY when your harvest is done drying or curing. This means a speedier operation and less risk of bad product.

Watch one of our AROYA Office Hours video podcasts on Drying. Learn more about the way AROYA offers deeper insights into the ins and outs of drying: controlling mold, moisture control models, and more.


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