Why Aroya?

We are in business to help you live and thrive.

As the cannabis industry continues to experience unprecedented growth in many directions, growers face a missed opportunity: figuring out how to bring consistency and repeatability to their production at scale.

The yield revolution.

Plenty of cultivators know how to produce, but they aren’t necessarily growing their bottom line. To achieve better gross margins and protection from inevitable price swings, growers must make continuous improvements that lead to predictable productivity growth.

AROYA® provides a system of learning that offers growers solutions. Our data-driven cannabis production platform and the people behind it are here to help you grow better so you can build your budding empire.

Achieving sustainable success takes more than cultivation knowledge – you also need the right tools. The AROYA cannabis cultivation platform is all-in on the long term. By utilizing the best in sensor and software technology and a wealth of data-driven insights, our secure platform helps growers achieve the ultimate goal: increased profit per square foot per year.

Aroya helps you sustainably scale and improve your cannabis operation over time, all the time, so you can be more profitable in the long run. Here’s how:

Get deep sensor-data knowledge

Track all your historical data to continuously learn and improve on each new batch: recipes, cultivar and facility analytics, scenario analysis, capacity building, and benchmarking. Plus, your data is all in one place for everyone who needs to know.

Implement consistency and scalability

Our robust reporting and real-time visibility means you can run (and improve) your business from anywhere, anytime. Scaling and leveling up takes high quality business insights. Get the tools to help you  increase yield, improve quality, and reduce overhead by repurposing all your intelligence from your latest batch into actionable insights for the future.

Learn from your data

Analyze log, flow, vulnerability, user and asset data through a single, integrated solution architecture. Knowing that all your data is integrated and in one place helps you make quicker and better decisions.

Task management 

No more spreadsheets, no more requirements for constant hands-on vigilance. The AROYA cannabis cultivation platform combines innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights from data for everyone, and helps you to improve quality and yield—predictably and at scale.

Share and secure data easily

AROYA automatically tracks substrate and environment measurements, collects post-harvest and workforce metrics, then lets you sync the data to METRC with one click. Know that data stored on our platform gets encrypted and uploaded to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers, an intelligent storage system continually monitored to meet the strictest security and compliance standards.

Reduce labor costs

You won’t need as many employees to collect, track and prepare all your cannabiz grow, cultivation, processing and other events. You’ll save money with a platform that focuses on creating efficiency, within a single framework.

Save time

Having secure, detailed data and insights at your fingertips will help you quickly obtain and understand the results of events or incidents. Now you can devote your extra bandwidth to relaxing and enjoying your successful grow (or life in general), without the worry.

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