The only substrate sensor designed exclusively for cannabis

One sensor. Three metrics. No weaknesses. TEROS ONE’s new design completely reimagines how substrate data is collected, giving cultivators precise and accurate readings in zones other sensors simply can’t measure at all.


With TEROS ONE, we’ve raised the bar. Again.

Electrical conductivity

(dielectric pore water EC)


Volumetric water content



Master precision irrigation. Dial in drybacks. And now, make powerful, reliable data comparisons – an industry first. Primary measurement changes everything. TEROS ONE’s patented breakthrough technology makes it possible to reliably compare harvest groups grown in different facilities, compare two runs of the same strain grown at different times, and compare readings taken from two different substrate types – and that’s only the beginning. Substrate sensing this powerful makes absolute crop steering a breeze.

Unparalleled EC and WC accuracy. EC levels are heavily influenced by soil salinity and soil moisture – but high EC levels confuse other sensors ability to accurately measure moisture levels.

TEROS ONE’s new design separates water content and electrical conductivity measurement, eliminating sensor confusion and giving cultivators unprecented WC and EC accuracy — even in extreme irrigation situations.

Precision at extreme salinity levels. When pushing for max yield and quality, indoor cannabis cultivators often push EC levels far beyond what other plants (and other sensors) can handle.

TEROS ONE is the only cannabis substrate sensor capable of precise primary pore water EC measurements up to 20 dS/m – a range wide enough cover even the most extreme drybacks, and then some.

Which substrate is best? Yours.

Many substrate sensors were developed for soils, then adapted to work with indoor grow media. Not TEROS ONE. It’s built specifically for indoor substrates, giving growers the flexibility to switch media at a whim without needing to throw out their past data.

Data all day. And all night.

Once you’ve installed the TEROS ONE, the data never ends. You’ll get fresh readings every three minutes, 24/7, even if you aren’t nearby. TEROS ONE syncs data automatically to the AROYA platform, so you can check in and get real-time data and visualizations anytime, anywhere.

Tough enough to handle it. All of it. TEROS ONE is adapted from environmental research sensors, built for use in controlled environment agriculture and extreme conditions with no maintenance. 

No plug, just play. There’s just one piece to the TEROS ONE – no ethernet cables, no internet setup, no plugs. Simply use the AROYA app to scan the sticker on the TEROS, and it links up seamlessly.

Repeatable data, grow after grow. The included TEROS ONE alignment tool helps you place your sensor perfectly every time. Intelligent auto-calibration means sensors stay accurate and precise for seasons to come.

TEROS ONE takes “set it and forget it” to the next level. It’s built with resilient epoxy fill, corrosion-resistant stainless steel needles, tough cables connections, and a 5+ year battery life. 


Relative Dielectric Permittivity


70 MHz



1 to 80 (tested)






± 3 % (for 0 < EC < 15 dS/m)

Electrical Conductivity


zero (estimated from values measured at 70 MHz)



0 to 20 dS/m (tested)



0.001 dS/m



± 2 % or ± 0.05 dS/m (for 0 < EC < 20 dS/m)




-40 to +60 °C


0.1 °C


± 0.3 °C

Volumetric Water Content *


0 to full saturation (porosity for RW » 95 %)


0.001 m3 / m3


± 0.05 m3 / m3

Electrical Conductivity of the Water Phase (ECpw) *


0 to 15 dS/m (tested)


0.001 dS/m


± 5 % or ± 0.1 dS/m (for 0 < EC < 15 dS/m and 0.15 < VWC < saturation)



ASA Plastic

Measurement Interval:

3 minutes


Embedded Lithium Battery, 5+ year life.

* While they are strictly valid for Rockwool, the estimates above reasonably apply to all inert materials with very high porosity, such as peat moss or organic substrates made from coco’s fibers.