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Ongoing support that continues long after set up. That’s how we roll.  When you sign on with AROYA, you don’t just get software and sensors; our complete solution comes backed by a dedicated client success team. You may know Seth, Jason, and Noah already, but in case you haven’t met, get to know our experts.

The A-Team, At Your Service

Our experts are backed by decades of formal and in-the-field knowledge in both traditional agriculture and cannabis crop steering.


Tenure at AROYA: 3 years
Education: B.S. in Horticulture and Urban Agriculture from the University of Idaho
Favorite sensor: TEROS 1

You may know him as one-half of our host of Office Hours, but before working at AROYA, Seth spent over three years in large scale commercial cannabis production in Washington. At his job before that, he walked away with six years of greenhouse management, plant breeding, and agronomy research. Beyond cultivation, Seth enjoys long wilderness river trips and maintains an active outdoor lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

“Helping cultivators quantify their methods scientifically and then watching them go down the path of many “Aha!” moments and continual improvement in their craft, that’s why we do this.” — Seth Baumgartner


Tenure at AROYA: Since the beginning
Education: Studied Electrical Engineering and Management Information Systems at Washington State University
Favorite sensor: CLIMATE 1

Jason carries with him a deep understanding of crop steering and ag tech thanks to years spent in the field working alongside some of the most successful growers in the country. He’s been with the team since before the beginning. His mission now is to teach cannabis cultivators how to grow consistent, high-quality bud, empowered by the right tech. He likes long walks on the beach, learning, teaching, and using technology to cultivate a better world.

“The best part of this has to be the personal connections and ‘lightbulb effect' I see go off when applying science and biology in the garden.” — Jason Van Leuven


Tenure at AROYA: 4 Years
Education: Studied Plant Science at Washington State University
Favorite sensor: TEROS 1

A certified OG on the team, before AROYA, Noah worked on his family's cannabis farm while he matriculated at Washington State University. He has a reputation for being one of our most ride-or-die client success reps, with a dedication to ensuring every grower is crop steering to their full potential. Random fun fact about Noah: His favorite breeder is thugpug Genetics.

“I’m passionate about helping cultivators understand the data they are seeing from their rooms and how they can manipulate the environment and irrigation to grow the best quality flower possible.”  — Noah Pruess


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"Appreciate you guys for your support!
AROYA for the win!"

Jake Shockey
General Manager
Peninsula Gardens


We’re more than just software. AROYA is the choice for more commercial growers and their teams for a reason: our team of experts and dedication to ensuring our clients are always growing to their highest potential. Because at the end of the day, your success is our success. And we wouldn’t grow any other way.

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