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Successful cultivation depends on many factors. Mastering this complexity is the key to success. The AROYA® cultivation solution combines innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights from data for everyone and helps you to improve quality and yield—predictably and at scale.


AROYA automatically tracks substrate and environment measurements, collects post-harvest and workforce metrics, and even integrates external data like Metrc.


AROYA data offers overview and insight—the foundation to improve processes and develop repeatable recipes for consistent results. Crop steering at it's best.


Reliable data and proven recipes give you the opportunity to grow predictably—increasing quantity while maintaining quality, to scale your business efficiently.

Crop steering made simple. Make every cultivar count. Our sensors and software give you control and command of your crops. Precision data? Check. Real-time visibility? Check. Historical insights that help you repeat what works and refine what could work better? Check. Check. Check. This actionable intelligence is how AROYA helps our clients prevent problems, save crops, increase yields and scale operations with repeatable outcomes.

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The root to success

Healthy growth requires proper water, environmental and nutrient management. Yet the substrate has been a black box for growers so far. The innovative AROYA sensors enable precise, consistent and reliable measurements directly from the roots to unlock the potential of your substrate.


Dial in drybacks and master precision irrigation with a new sensor design that measures what others can’t.

  • compare run data
  • unrivaled EC & WC accuracy
  • substrate flexibility


Get the complete picture of your climate with one small station. Engineered for indoor and greenhouse grows.

  • accurate and effortless VPD
  • 4x/min CO2 readings
  • easy installation


Monitor your lighting schedule and measure the amount of light in your canopy with the day light integral sensor.

  • wireless data transmission
  • ultra-long battery lifetime
  • measures below canopy PAR

Highest standards

All of our AROYA sensors are built to the highest standards and rigorously tested at scientific institutes. Independent comparative trials have been proven to provide precise measurements of all parameters. The more accurate the measurements, the better you can dial in your crop steering.

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"We were utilizing some other software and some other equipment that really wasn't giving us accurate results, so it was kind of holding us back from really reaching our full potential . . . that's when we decided to take on AROYA and implement that into our facility and really get super serious."

Richard Bardsley
General Manager of Cultivation
Elevated Cannabis Co.

AROYA Office Hours is a weekly hangout session held every Thursday to answer your burning questions about cultivation. This is your chance to ask about crop steering, sensors, and the many ways AROYA can help you. Enjoy our most watched episode on the right.

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