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Kalikori’s Kitchen

Way out in what feels like a galaxy away in Maine, something’s growing. Since 2016, Kalikori Melts has been cultivating a top-shelf edible experience, starting with the ingredients they use. With 100% solventless hash on the menu, you won’t find subpar flower going anywhere near their kitchen. And that’s just how Randy Wintle, Facility Director and Owner, wants it.

A Canna-Chef’s Origin Story

Fire in. Fire out. It's what you put in is
what comes out.

Randy Wintle, Facility Director and Owner

While the business formally started in 2016 serving Maine, Kalikori’s origin story in the space goes back much further. A third-generation cultivator, Randy grew up around growing cannabis, learning from his father, who picked up techniques from his father. The grow game at Kalikori has evolved lightyears since then, into solventless extracts. Trading hair straightening wands for industrial grade tech, Randy and wife/head chef, Caryn, now have the ideal setup to grow, process, and create their otherworldly edibles.

Elevating the Experience

What can you create when you don't just use your waste product for the edibles?

Randy Wintle, Facility Director and Owner

Step into Kalikori’s kitchen, a canna-confectionist’s dream. The staple of their edible product line are Dots; hash rosin-infused gummy rounds in fruity flavors like peach, pumpkin pie, wild berry. Focusing on ensuring the most elevated experience, no corner is cut in the cultivation of flower that goes into their secret recipes. Pesticide-free, 100% solventless hash only. The end product is proof that they’re doing it right at Kalikori. These days, the sweets are sought out around Maine; all flavors delicately balanced for the palate of both new consumers and seasoned edible eaters alike. It’s all about creating the best experience possible, and when it comes to cooking, that starts with your ingredients.

We’re trying to really drive that hash experience.

Randy Wintle, Facility Director and Owner

The Power in Data

Randy’s background in engineering and electronics has come in handy around the facilities, for multiple reasons. For starters, he sees the power in implementing the right systems at work. This is why he was so committed in getting AROYA in their startup days, which allowed him to continuously improve and hone in on what works over the course of the past few years. 

No Bro Science in the Garden

We have insights into how different strains perform. One thing that was really key for us was to be able to figure out what each strain wants and react to it in real-time.

Randy Wintle, Facility Director and Owner

He’s taken a business from a hobby to the commercial level, but that wasn’t by accident. Randy’s careful selection of tech and software have given him and his tight knit team visibility they didn’t have before. This means they can dial in on what works for each cultivar, consistently keeping the quality they’re best known for. No more watching and waiting; the team can tell when and why something isn’t working for the plants, and respond quickly.

We call it ‘bro science’ around here. Now I can say, ‘Here's the data that proves exactly why this works or it doesn't work.’

Randy Wintle, Facility Director and Owner

Passing the Torch

Looking into the future, Randy and Caryn have plans to keep the business in the family. With his son interested in the aspects it takes to run canna-operations, it’s looking like he may be the fourth generation to grow in this family line. For now, Kalikori is happy to keep cultivating a name for themselves in Topsham, while sharing their love for high-quality hash to new people and markets around Maine.

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