Pushing the envelope

It’s all in the name.


When it’s your name on the label, the building, or the brand, you can’t sacrifice on quality or integrity. At Wonderbrett, the name of the game is creativity: pushing the envelope on what’s possible, giving people transcendent experiences, and making sure everyone goes home happy.

From the studio to the shelves.

Nobody picks their own nicknames, and Brett Feldman didn’t come up with the name Wonderbrett. That was all Xhibit. Yeah, that Xhibit. See, in the studio when they were cutting tracks and passing the good stuff around way back when, the hip-hop legend took a liking to the young man trying to make his way in the music industry. The boy wonder. Wonderbrett. That’s the origin of a name, but the origin of the game goes back even farther.

Strain Hunters: Humboldt

Attending college in Humboldt County–and if you’re already on this page, you know what that means–Brett and his friends would try everything. They’d drive to sample new strains. That spirit of finding and curating only the best would follow him into his business and translate across music, food, wine, and weed. No matter what you put your mind to creating, if you can turn the dials just so, you can always make it that much better. At Wonderbrett, that’s their M.O. Keep turning it up and trying new things.

"I'm going to go find the best people. When you're a lover of all things, those parallels come across: with food, that guy in the kitchen, he's the guy. It's this much salt, not that much. It's this much garlic, no cumin, no pepper. He's the guy who puts the recipe together, puts it on the plate and decides, and the whole team puts it together. It's the same thing with cannabis. Like when you're picking phenos you're curating a menu. Just like you are with music. You're curating the beat. These drums. It's this guitar sound. I need this vocal effect. It's you're kind of a facilitator to try to give people a great experience on all levels."

Brett Feldman,
Co-Founder, Wonderbrett

"I was brought up to think that cannabis was negative or could have a bad quote, unquote impact on your life and, uh, questioning that, that thought process or that, um, ingrained. Uh, has caused me to question more things and really brought me to a lot, a lot more growth in my life. And I couldn't appreciate the plant any more for that."

Chris Paris,
Head of Cultivation, Wonderbrett

No small wonder.

"You have to put every ounce of energy into everything you do, because otherwise it's just, it's just not like it doesn't, I don't feel good about it in the day. And I don't like living with regret at all. I feel like I've done everything I can, and I've tried every opportunity to, to, to grow and to help my team and put other opportunities in front of us. And, um, I just feel like that part, I want to protect forever."

Brett Feldman,
Co-Founder, Wonderbrett

Transcending the ordinary.

Flavor and smokeability rule. The creativity behind Wonderbrett’s strain selection is already the stuff of industry legend, and that creates a rabid brand loyalty enhanced by their spellbinding luxury packaging and shopping experience. Lifelong customers know them by name and aren’t going anywhere else anytime soon.


Consistent quality and a pursuit of perfection.

By partnering with only the most reputable and most premium labs and vendors in California, Wonderbrett elevates experiences for every paying customer. That commitment to quality and transparency extends to their partnership with AROYA, where they can test and monitor everything their plants are doing and gently nudge them to express their full potential.

No small wonder.

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