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In botany, a node is the part of the stem that sprouts a leaf. In tech, a node refers to the intersecting data point within a network. Both speak to connection, the emergence of something new from that which currently exists. For Node Labs, the San Francisco-based tissue culture company, sourcing fire phenos from around the world is the starting point. Cleaning, banking, and preserving special genetics is the mission. And being able to offer breeders unique varieties that not only have the traits they’re looking for – but also the ability to achieve the exact same outcomes with their cultivation – that’s the challenge.

Bringing innovation to cultivation

A lot of our work is partnering with breeders to find unique varieties – to go pheno hunting with them, finding strains that we can stand by, and creating a lot of the data and information that goes into producing high-quality flower and eliminating some of those mistakes for cultivators.

Daniel Adler-Golden,
Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Node Labs


Data holds the key

Each client comes to Node Labs with their own benchmark of success. For those looking to lock down yield targets as their primary goal, Node Labs packs their genetic library with phenos that can be steered to maximize grams with every square foot. For others looking to serve their customers by targeting specific terpene profiles and physical characteristics, Node Labs knows the main deliverables are replicable quality and consistency. And no matter the goal, when it comes to ensuring the plant expresses itself as intended, nothing is more validating than the data.

Data is essentially the roadmap that we use to create a repeatable representation of what the product should look like.

Cristian Ramos,
General Manager and Head of Cultivation, Node Labs

When we deliver a strain to a cultivator, that cultivator should 100% be able to trust that it's gone through testing and that we've validated the expression that it's supposed to show.

Cristian Ramos,
General Manager and Head of Cultivation, Node Labs

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Bridge the gap

Using AROYA helped the Node Labs cultivation team go from a highly subjective process that left them wondering how well the plants were watered, to being able to make that determination by simply looking at the data. These days, setting objective targets and repeatable processes is about more than streamlining production – it’s also crucial to how they manage their day-to-day.

OG meets new tech

The major difference coming from traditional cultivation over to a science-based company with tissue culture and creating strains for cultivators is the necessity to be extremely disciplined with data collection and standardization of practices.

Cristian Ramos,
General Manager and Head of Cultivation, Node Labs

A legacy worth preserving

As legalization expands at home and abroad, Node Labs remains committed to their vision: travel the world conducting pheno hunts, find and preserve native varieties, and share knowledge and experiences with producers around the globe. Beyond helping growers fulfill their bottom line and exposing customers to cultivars outside of what’s trendy, Daniel’s looking to “create space for those varieties that have been cultivated from places all around the globe. I wanna make sure that we don't eliminate a lot of the diversity that we have today in cannabis.” That’s definitely a mission we can get behind.

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