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AROYA introduces cannabusiness intelligence for
commercial growers

It’s time to grow up. As success becomes the standard, that means it’s time to raise yours. There’s no better way to improve quality, maximize output, or reduce overhead than with the software, sensors, and instruments to help you see the entire picture and every detail. You want to know output per square foot per year, integrated compliance, and customized data tailored to your business, and our industry. Crop steering, batch planning, control interfaces, task management, track/trace integration, IPM, and scalable training modules. The industry’s maturing; we’ll help you act your age. Yeah, maybe that sounds a bit too “business”, but we’ll take that stuff seriously so you can stay wild and free to focus on what you do best: grow happiness for your customers.

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AROYA introduces cannabis processing for continuous
post-harvest improvement.

The best just got better. With the latest AROYA updates like mobile tag scanning and bluetooth scale integration, we’ve leveled up our game so you can level up your yields. We’ve made it easy for you to consistently produce replicable quality at scale. We’re not just helping you plan for your next harvest, but for your long-term success in the years and decades to come.

What's new for AROYA?

Cultivation data tracking by room, harvest, and strain
Strain and harvest batch recipes
Crop-steering capabilites
Role-based permissions
Smart Alerts
Task Creation
Integrated Pest Management
Growing Calendar
Growing Journal
Facility Map
Unlimited Seat Licenses
Bluetooth Balances for auto-harvest
Bidirectional Metrc Integration
Plant Tag Import and Tracking
Package Creation and Tracking
Waste and Cull Tracking
Harvest Batch Yield Tracking
Post-Harvest Water Activity Monitoring
Unlimited Metrc License Interfaces

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AROYA cultivation management base station

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