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Level up your harvest with AROYA 2.0. With Metrc© integration and enhanced capabilities, you’ll have greater visibility and scalability than ever.

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AROYA cultivation management platform with base station hardware, soil moisture sensors, micro climate monitor, and mobile Apple and Android powered apps

Cultivate, Automate, Replicate

The best just got better. With the latest AROYA updates like mobile tag scanning and bluetooth scale integration, we’ve leveled up our game so you can level up your yields. We’ve made it easy for you to consistently produce replicable quality at scale. We’re not just helping you plan for your next harvest, but for your long-term success in the years and decades to come.

Wireless AROYA substrate soil moisture sensor with solar panel attached

See yourself succeed.

Stop managing your business with spreadsheets. A simple, beautiful read-out of all your work, plus Metrc* integration to tie it all together, means you can command your cultivation process from start to finish. No more toggling between softwares or manual entries. It’s time to streamline your workflow.

*Metrc Integration in California only.

Make your work flow. This is precision data made simple. Your scales and tag scanner can communicate wirelessly to Aroya, with no need to enter weights with a keyboard.

Expertise In Any Environment

We’re with you every step of the way, giving you grow guidance and technical support. From implementation and solution design, to processing and harvest. Free your directors from uncertainty and exhausting micromanagement. Take back your bandwidth and enjoy peace of mind. The all-new AROYA is designed to help elevate your whole cultivation operations to the next level.

You and your team work better when your technology just works. Make your harvest more seamlessly efficient and transparent than ever before with Ohaus system integration that delivers real-time data visibility, saving you time and effort.

With our small-footprint portable weighing station, you have the flexibility to work where you need to. Take your full plant anywhere post-harvest or post-drying to get the wet and dry weights you need to deliver consistent, quality product.

Please reach out to your representative to inquire about adding the new features onto your existing AROYA package. This is a separate solution so it's not an automatic upgrade, and prices may vary depending upon grow-house size and environment.

What's new for AROYA?

Cultivation data tracking by room, harvest, and strain
Strain and harvest batch recipes
Crop-steering capabilites
Role-based permissions
Smart Alerts
Task Creation
Integrated Pest Management
Growing Calendar
Growing Journal
Facility Map
Unlimited Seat Licenses
Bluetooth Balances for auto-harvest
Bidirectional Metrc Integration
Plant Tag Import and Tracking
Package Creation and Tracking
Waste and Cull Tracking
Harvest Batch Yield Tracking
Post-Harvest Water Activity Monitoring
Unlimited Metrc License Interfaces
AROYA cultivation management base station

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