April 21, 2020

Vegetative Growth

Video Transcript

What is vegetative growth, and what are the key challenges with it? Well, vegetative growth has a couple key elements, high water content, low EC, small dry backs, frequent irrigation, high temperature, high RH, low VPD. These are some of the tools that we can utilize to promote vegetative growth. Vegetative growth could be used in both your veg room and your flower room to stimulate a plant. Now, what I mean by that is if you have a really small, compact, slow-growing plant, and you want to promote it to grow vegetatively, you're going to want to shrink your dry backs, pump more frequent irrigations, and manipulate the climate. Same thing within flower. If you come in flower with too small of a plant, you're going to want to promote it in a vegetative fashion. We can also use this to promote bud growth.

Now, how do we know when to use this, and what's actually going on? With the TEROS 12 we've incorporated into our system and our ATMOS 14, we get a graphical representation at any given time of what's going on in your climate and your root zone to help dictate to you as a user on what to do. Now through a timeline and historical data, we could look back at each genetic and know what we want to do, and to promote that growth in the right way. Because every genetic demands different cues of growth. So with AROYA, we can actually promote and show how to make these decisions and make it easier for you to dictate.

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