Emerging Markets Roundup: July 2022

As summer is just getting started, things are heating up in the cannabis markets nationwide

Emerging Markets Roundup: July 2022

As state-led legalization paves the way for the eventual, inevitable end of federal prohibition, keeping track of all the industry’s ins and outs is practically a full-time job.

But we got you!

Each month, AROYA’s emerging markets round-up is a chance to spotlight just a few of the news stories we think cultivators should know about. From tracking cultivation opportunities in new jurisdictions to monitoring existing markets for regulatory changes that impact growers, and more, we’re always on the lookout. And here are some of the stories that caught our attention recently…

Got the scoop on something going on in your emerging market? Email it to mandy.spivey@metergroup.com so we can cover it!

And be sure to check back with us for news, important topics for cultivators, operators, investors, and anyone who wants to stay on the forefront of this amazing time in cannabis and crop steering history.

Photo byCRYSTALWEED cannabis onUnsplash

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