May 05, 2020

Crop registration

Video Transcript

What is crop registration and what's one of the major challenges with it? Crop registration is a measurement of plant productivity. What I mean by that is we're actually able to capture in what your plant height is, stem diameter, flower circumference. These are some of the key KPIs of how productive your plants are going to be. So what's the major challenge with it? Where do you record all this information? Is it on a whiteboard? Is it in Excel? Is it a Google Doc? Is it in a notebook? Or worst of all is it in your memory?

Now what we've always looked back at as a cultivator is what was the plant height that I put them in at? What's that plant density? I've always looked back at my notes and tried to figure out how did I get the best yields? So through this we've been able to figure out that if you put a plant in too small, what happens? You leave yield on the table. If you put a plant in too tall, what happens? You increase your labor because now you're having to defoliate, prune up undergrowth. If you see two feet, three feet of stems on the bottom of your plant, that's all money every step of the way up. We want to reduce that cost of labor and cost of energy. If you maximize the potential of a plant by putting it at the right height, you're not going to have to clean any of that undergrowth.

And so what we've done with AROYA is we've been able to capture this in a timeline. So we know what your starting height was, where your finishing height was, we know what the yield was at the end of that harvest. All of this equates to better productivity. You can now start correlating back in time, when do I need to put my plants in veg? How tall do they need to be going into flower? Everything equates one step after the other and through our timeline and through our historical data that we're capturing for you, you could actually maximize the potential of each and every one of your crops specific to a strain and different from anything else like that in the market.

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