AROYA Office Hours Wants YOU!

Seen success since starting AROYA? Share your crop steering data with us on Office Hours!

AROYA Office Hours Wants YOU!

The education that gets cultivated here on Office Hours is never-ending, and we're always interested in how our clients are using the things they learn to grow better. Coming back from our West Coast and East Coast tours where we got to sit down and really dig into the data, we were in awe at some of the ways you all are optimizing the tech and software. So, we gotta ask...

If you use the platform and have seen success since you started implementing the system, would you be open to sharing some of that canna-knowledge with our growing community?

That's right, this is a calling for cultivators to share their data with us!

Team AROYA would love to hear how you're using the platform, so join us on our show!

Data in AROYA


If you're interested in being on AROYA Office Hours and sharing your data with us on this live video podcast, it's easy. Just hit us up to apply to be a guest grower and we'll make sure we get you scheduled on an episode that fits your team's schedules.

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