Episode 7

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seven (1/13): Compliance and METRC

It's a topic in crop steering and commercial cannabis production that no one wants to talk about. Utter the word around some growers and you'll see a new side of them emerge.


Yet, it's a crucial part of running a successful cannabusiness, and depending on which state you're licensed, it's likely that METRC will (if not now, soon) also play a part in your daily ops.

For the latest episode of Office Hours, our hosts and experts, CEO Scott Campbell, and Director of Customer Success, Jason Van Leuven, answered questions you submitted and walked us through the ways technology can simplify and keep track of the many processes needed to "keep everything above board."

Dive into the discussion and learn how AROYA can help you stay compliant in the ways you need!

A note about AROYA + METRC integration: AROYA software is designed and updated to sync with states that require METRC regulatory compliance. Currently that's Alaska, California, Colorado (including industrial hemp), Washington, D.C., Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and West Virginia.

So, if your business operates within these states, your track-and-trace just got easier with a little help from AROYA.

It's time we change the way we think about rules.

β€œFollowing the rules. That's what compliance is about.” -- Scott Campbell

It all comes down to accountability.

β€œWith correct tracking of inventory, you do know what happened to which batch, when, and who did it.” -- Scott Campbell

Make tasks easier with automated systems in place.

β€œIt's the physical limitations to the space, but it can be done much faster. If you're not typing in plant tags, if you're not having to write down what the scale is reading. And also, any time when you're taking the data straight off the scale, as long as the scale reading is actually correct, you run a much lower risk that you might accidentally type something into a computer incorrectly.” -- Scott Campbell

And move faster than before.

β€œAROYA supports that by everyone being logged into this harvest group and weighing plants, so scanning and weighing those plants on three different scale RFID sessions. So effectively, you could be going three times as fast, five times as fast, whatever works best for your system.” -- Jason Van Leuven

AROYA's number one priority is you.

β€œAnd we do spend time trying to make our customer's lives easier because we see the cultivators as our customers, not the states.” -- Scott Campbell


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