Episode 61

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-One: Talking Irrigation Control with Kalikori’s Randy Wintle, & More!

Getting into the weeds of AROYA’s new OpenSprinkler integration, available now!

AROYA’s new irrigation control feature officially dropped, and our good friend Randy Wintle from Kalikori Maine logged into this week’s session to talk all about it!

In addition to walking us through his experience with irrigation scheduling – including some pretty graphs (you know how much we love it when growers share their data) – Randy shared with Jason and our community some of the ways AROYA has helped him and his small team manage their workflow. This session also dives into the importance of stomatal conductance, VPD, substrate, and nutrient management, plus the crop steering Q&A was as lively and insightful as ever! Here are some of the highlights:

One platform to water them all.

"Some people laugh at us, but we mix tanks a lot sometimes middle of the day. We're a small team, only can do so much, so we have to go and say, “hey, what time is the next feed?” And just relaying that information is a huge thing. Or “when can I test my drippers again? When can I collect runoff?,” – that's all now right there." — Randy

Don’t sleep on Alerts, fam.

"The fact that you guys notify if the OpenSprinkler goes offline was amazing because I've had incidents where somebody hit a power strip and literally almost killed the whole room." — Randy

The practice that shall not be named.

"Some people achieved the actual results by flushing with just RO, but there's a better, more scientific way to achieve the senescence and results you're looking for." — Randy



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