Episode 37

Office Hours Episode 37: Diving Deep Into Harvest Group Analytics

How's it growing? Let's ask the experts! We are all about making growers' lives easier.

This week, Jason and Seth dove deep into all the ways cultivators can benefit from using harvest group analytics in AROYA. Because at the end of the day, staying diligent about data logging offers a whole lot of insights into what's going right (and wrong) with your grow.

Missed Episode 37? Read on to catch a few highlights and the full episode!

The importance of data logging

β€œAROYA is not just about monitoring your day-to-day functionality and your grow – a big part of it is logging that. So we can look back at the end of a round and look at holistic crop performance: Where did we mess up? What were some of the challenges we had? What can we actually pinpoint in this whole time period that might help us look at where we can make some improvements? It's really important to look back at a whole run, not just focus on your day-to-day decisions.” – Seth

Building harvest groups in AROYA

β€œWhen you're building your harvest group, make sure that you've got the cultivars outlined on the benches, or the zones. This is what's going to populate your substrate data into the specific cultivars. And what we're doing that for is just to make sure that we can separate any of the performance that we might see in the different genetics in the room.” -- Jason

Learning from alerts

β€œWhen you're looking from harvest group to harvest groups, it's nice to recognize any specific points in time that you do typically see alerts go off. That'll give you an idea of when we need to dig in and understand what we can improve upon.” – Jason

Don't stop believin' (in manual readings)

β€œWe say it all the time: everything is so cyclical at pretty much any cannabis growth facility, and you're growing the same strains over and over. It just gets to be a lot of really specific information to keep track of. And if you've got an easy way to organize it, you can quickly go back, look, and validate your decisions or decide you're gonna make a different one.” – Seth


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