Episode 33

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-Three: Sensor Density Stagnant EC, VPC, and Ideal Irrigation

Just when you think you know everything about growing, Seth and Jason drop something new.

Wow, just...wow you guys.

It's actually kind of amazing how much knowledge there is to share about crop steering and cannabis cultivation. The team loved the questions you all submitted this week, in-person and online. Seth and Jason got to cover some new topics for us, namely ideal sensor density and placement. Then we got our hands dirty with the cultivation education. You know the drill!

Without wasting any more characters, here are the highlights from AROYA Office Hours episode thirty-three, along with the full video. Enjoy!

Dial in on microclimates in the room.

“Most of us might think we have a really uniform environment…[but] if you've got microclimates to deal with at all, you've got to capture that and decide, ‘how am I going to treat that part of the room differently?’” -- Seth Baumgartner

Redundancy = Insurance

“You should always just look at redundancy as insurance; there's a reason you get a fire safety and security system, and that's not necessarily tied into your fertigation system. Part of that is so—no matter what's happening inside the facility—you want your cameras to stay on and you want your security system to work. And the best way to do that is to have a dedicated system that's not going to get interrupted if something else fails on the building.” -- Seth

Cultivation tech helps you quantify your decisions.

“Some of the tendency is to not want to trust the technology because you've had a green thumb. Your instincts have been good. Well, it's not an instinct versus quantifying thing. Use these tools to quantify what your instincts are telling you.” -- Seth

Consider every last variable.

“Just go back to the scientific process. A/B test as many known variables as possible. If we have as many variables identified as possible and we're analyzing them, I know that there's a control…” -- Jason Van Leuven

Analyze, learn, grow better. Repeat.

“The value is not always in the system's ability to predict what's going to happen tomorrow, it's in your ability to utilize it, to look back, not just at yesterday, but at that whole last run.” -- Seth


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