Episode 31

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-One: Inputs vs Outputs, Task Management, Tissue Analysis , DLII, and PPFD

Coming in hot with another episode of AROYA Office Hours, we got back to crop steering basics with Seth and Jason this week and talked about tissue analysis, lighting, and even touched a bit on our favorite substrates.

The guys also got into what some may consider a "dirty" word in cultivation: labor. Then our discussion turned to some of the ways that AROYA can help teams with task management, allowing cannabis cultivators to free up bandwidth and boost efficiency within their operations.

Keep reading for the highlights from episode thirty-one and catch up with the full video podcast down below.

Waste not, work not.

โ€œThrough the course of human civilization we're always attempting to get more outputs with less inputs. And traditionally, one of the most expensive and most difficult to obtain inputs is labor. So, if you're not organized, you're going to be very wasteful.โ€ -- Seth Baumgartner

Start with a clear picture.

โ€œThere's a lot of things you can look at and try to find places that you can reduce labor costs. And you know, that only comes around when you've got good organization and a good way to quantify and monitor how much work is getting done per unit of labor input.โ€ -- Seth

Dial it in (but remember that genetics play a part).

โ€œAlways do keep in mindโ€”making sure your environment is dialed before you do that crop steering. And also keep in mind that genetic variance or preference. So, its genetics can vary quite a bit, as well.โ€ -- Jason Van Leuven

Document, learn, repeat success.

โ€œJust good documentation on what you're doing in the different variables as far as going into good density and ripeness. And then dial it in there for each strain.โ€ -- Jason

We're here to help cannabis cultivators consolidate it all.

โ€œYou've really just got to watch your plants, read them and you know, we keep hammering on, โ€˜I should have pictures, notes, registration, get it in one spot.โ€™ So you can actually use that data. I know there's thousands and thousands of growers out there like me who have binders and notebooks that are never going to get entered into the computer, just sitting around...โ€ -- Seth


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