Episode 15

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifteen (3/31): METRC, Harvest Tips, and Drybacks

What do you get when you take two friends and cannabis cultivators, put them in a room, and give them a pair of mics and a camera?

Some people say it's one of the most educational cannabis growing podcasts on air. We like to just be simple and call it AROYA Office Hours LIVE!

Episode fifteen gave us a lot to learn about METRC integrations, drybacks, and ways to boost your success in the grow room. Check out some of the highlights and watch the full episode here, or head over to our YouTube channel to catch up on all of the past sessions.

Test your plants, don't torture them.

“We want to chop down a robust plant, not one that we've tortured right up until we kill it. I mean, we're stressing it, but we don't want it to go insanely weak.” -- Seth Baumgartner

We take control seriously.

“With anything that is control-based, all of that testing needs to vet the application as best as possible. The last thing that we want is to have a missed irrigation.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Seth-tested, ADDIUM-approved.

“We're getting better at identifying how to break these things before we give it to our customers, because we know if it's not perfect, they will.” -- Seth

METRC, made simple.

“We've worked on a list of states here and I'll just break down the list that we are currently integrated with. Could be California. Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Nevada. We anticipate integrating all the states that METRC is enforced in. And basically it just comes down to the amount of requests to prioritize those states and bring them online. Each state has kind of a specific set of integrations. So it takes some time . . . development energy. And we do plan on getting that going for any states that are on METRC.” -- Jason

Let's talk about flushing.

“We want to avoid anaerobic conditions in the root zone at all costs, whether that's leaving water in there too long or putting really stagnant water off.” -- Seth


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