Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Comprehensive but digestible. Our Education Guides are structured to help you learn and take meaningful action on complex cultivation challenges. Go from beginner to expert in 30 minutes or less.

Crop steering - The Ultimate Guide

Crop steering is a plant growth management practice that manipulates the environment (light, climate, irrigation) to encourage plants to grow a certain way.
Education Guides15 min read

Field Capacity 101

Field capacity is the point after an irrigation event (or shot) at which a grow medium can no longer hold any more water. Intelligent water management is one of the key tenets of effective crop steering.
Education Guides4 min read

The simple summary

Getting into the weeds of the plant management technique that’s changing the game for commercial craft cultivators.
Education Guides4 min read

What Is A Cannabis Production Platform?

The legal market has moved out of the dark and into an era of explosive growth. As the industry evolves, so will the way we grow and do business.
Education Guides4 min read

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-Three: Crop Steering, Grow Mediums, Cloning, CEC, and Hydrophobics

Dropping that cultivation education with Seth and Jason on another dank episode. Check out the highlights!
Office Hours51 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-One (5/12): Data, Optimizing Recipes, and Why We Don't Say 'Flush'

If you've ever had questions about the ultimate cannabis production platform, Phil and Jason probably covered it on this week's virtual education session.
Office Hours44 min watch

AROYA Office Hours Episode One: 5 Key Takeaways from AROYA Office Hours

Insights and quotables from our first weekly virtual Q&A with cultivators from around the country.
Office Hours5 min watch