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Episode 23

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-Three: Crop Steering, Grow Mediums, Cloning, CEC, and Hydrophobics

In a world where it sometimes feels like less and less is certain, one thing remains consistent: our commitment to helping cannabis cultivators continuously improve their processes.

It's the only way to a path forward in this industry, after all.

If you missed this session, never fear. You can recap the highlights and catch the full video from episode twenty-three with Jason and Seth here. And if you're seriously into growing, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with all AROYA Office Hours content.

He said what he said.

“Horticulture is an art and a science.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Continuous improvement, made easy.

“Taking good crop registrations can be the most helpful way to improve strain by strain performance.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Don't miss your cues.

“In vegetative steering the more irrigations we can put on the better, generally speaking. But that timing is very important. If we miss the timing cue, we're just not going to get the desired results.” -- Seth

Analyze, compare, grow better.

Crop registration is key . . . just starting to analyze your data and a big part of that, too; not only having the graphs, but keeping your manual readings, taking pictures, just quantifying everything you can across your grows, so you have all those points to compare.” -- Seth

Health is wealth (in the grow room).

“We're going to start out with the best foundation. If your plant is as healthy as possible, you don't need to put band aids on it later to try to get it in shape.” -- Seth

Make your roots work for it.

“You’ve got to exercise those roots and get that plant working for its water and it's going to pull water hard.” -- Jason


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