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“Seems dry to me” isn’t an exact science. AROYA gives you deeper insights into the drying process than you ever imagined, so you can get it right the first time and improve it every time.

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AROYA cultivation management platform with base station hardware, soil moisture sensors, micro climate monitor, and mobile Apple and Android powered apps

We’ve perfected the drying process and made it the new standard. Zero in on water activity and moisture content with pinpoint precision. We measure according to ASTM standards D8196 and D8197 for cannabis professionals.

AQUALAB 3 moisture analyzer with tablet

10x the precision.

Most moisture analyzers sacrifice accuracy while changing the sample, because they operate with a heating element and a balance. Not AQUALAB 3. Get a moisture content measurement with 10x the precision of traditional analysis within 60 seconds. Just put a sample in a cup, slide it into the instrument, and turn the dial.

The cure for curing.

Poor moisture measurements could lead to spoiled product, which is no bueno for your bottom line. Now you can reap all the benefits of a successful harvest with reliable water activity readings you can take to the bank.

Wireless AROYA substrate soil moisture sensor with solar panel attached

One minute readings

Non-destructive test

10x precision

Based on ISO-18787

One minute readings

Non-destructive test

10x precision

Based on ISO-18787


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AROYA cultivation management base station

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