The right metrics matter.

Spreadsheets. Whiteboards. Notebooks. What is this, the 1990s? Aroya President Scott Campbell debuts our webinar series, talking you through the biggest opportunities he sees in cultivation, some popular questions about the Aroya Cannabis Production Platform, and how to scale quickly by measuring what matters.

The 3 Biggest Opportunities

Schlep blindness. It means you’re working so hard that you don’t have time to work smarter. What if you could get that time back and scale like never before? Where are you leaving money, product, weight, yield, and quality on the table? (Or, more accurately, in the field?) We’ve got you covered. Our President walks through the most common ways to help create consistently higher yields and quality, and greater profit and output.

The Aroya FAQ

We get a lot of questions about our cannabis production platform. We’re happy to answer them. What does it cost? How do we price? What do we help you improve upon? How secure is your data? We answer those questions and you get to hear it straight from the source. We go in depth and give you not a sales pitch but all the information you need to make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your operation.

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