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Task management. We all know this is a crazy thing to deal with. With the cannabis cultivation there's so many moving parts. You have plants moving from propagation, to veg, to flower. You have harvest crews coming in. You have multiple crops running at one time. Maybe you have multiple facilities. Are you managing this with a whiteboard, Excel, Google calendar? Are you having your employees check in with you every morning?

Well, AROYA's simplified all this. Now you can send a push notification to your employees letting them know what they're supposed to do for that day. Once they complete that task, you're actually notified on how and when they completed it. Now, one of the key questions has always been, "Well, how do you represent what that task is supposed to look like?" We've added in the ability for you to send a picture with that task.

Now, the employee no longer has to question, "Hey, did I do this right?" Because you actually come in and check and see when they completed a job. Now, this is important because each crop requires a different amount of labor. So, when you're valuing one strain over the other, don't you want to know how many times an employee went in there and worked, maybe how long they worked in there for? This might change the ROI on that crop. Maybe you don't even want to run that strain anymore because maybe it costs you too much in labor. So AROYA simplified this for you.

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