Office Hours Episode 99

Learning from herms, staying mindful of morphology, crispy leaf show-and-tell, & More!

99 episodes of growing together!

For our 99th episode (can you believe it??) the whole gang was here! And we had a blast while discussing some of the illuminating topics our viewers brought to this weekโ€™s session โ€“ from diagnosing crisping leaves to factoring morphology into planning to what herms can teach us, and so much more, Jason and Seth were seriously nerding out!


A few of our favorite quotes from the show:

What Pushing Veg Too Far Looks Like

โ€œWe're gonna be blowing out stems. Our node spacing is gonna be three inches, four inches, five inches. It is genetic dependent, right โ€“ we could be too vegetative for a vegetative leaning plant and then we're just gonna have an outdoor, like a massive stretchy plant. We're not going to get nearly the type of controllability that we want out of it. And then even if you have a more middle-of-the-road, we might be too vegetative and just not get quite as much lateral expansion as we want.โ€ 



Reality Check 

โ€œWe have a fairly long and complicated production process in cannabis with a lot of points to fail and ruin the end products, so as long as you can holistically get your bases covered, you can start to make some of those process refinementsโ€ฆJust don't get too caught up in your head. Even if you are doing everything perfect, you're going to see some semiclonal mutations, you're going to see some weird things that plants do that eventually will teach you that you can never make a business plan around 100% plant performance. That's just a reality.โ€ 



Pick Your Battles

โ€œIs it worth your time to investigate how much of a problem this is? Is this problem? Am I still hitting 90 grams/sq ft indoor on this? Then let's ignore it, let's move on. And if I'm not, then let's go back and take the steps to ensure that I'm hitting consistency. That's number one โ€“ probably some people would switch out SOPs for consistency, but they go hand in hand, right? And so if one's playing into the other, then go back and take a step on that and see, alright, well, if everything that I'm doing to these plants is right, then how come I'm too worried about this in the facility?" 



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