Office Hours Episode 98

Rooting-in right, RO water treatment tips, stretch strategy, substrate rinsing, & more!

Let’s get into the weeds of your grow!

Moderator Kaisha was offsite so the theme for this week’s episode was Hosts’ Choice! From best root-in practices for larger pots, to how to deal with spider mites, to how to be strategic about stretching, and more, Seth and Jason covered lots of ground thanks to some pretty awesome viewer questions!


Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

Dryback = Plant Stress?

“I try to avoid the term stress just because it's not a very good scientific indicator of what is actually happening in the plant or the environment. Usually when we're in a soilless application, the plant's never going to know a lack of water. If we're in coco, it doesn't necessarily know the difference between 60% water content in the substrate, or 25% water content in the substrate. What the plant is feeling is the matrix potential that the substrate is requiring in order to get water out of it.”


– Jason 

At the End of the Day

“Cannabis is an amazing and special plant, but it is a plant. There's no magic in it…especially when we're talking about basic plant functions, like how water moves through roots, up into the leaves, and back out into the air. These are all processes that have been very heavily investigated over the last hundred-plus years that are really well described. Even reading a book about general plant physiology can teach you a lot about basic plant processes, and they're concepts that you can see actively happening in your grow.” 


– Seth

3 Steps to Better IPM 

“Doing the best that you can to figure out where they came from. Battle them harshly to try and get to that eradication. And then making sure you also have really healthy plants." 


– Jason

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