Office Hours Episode 96

Breeding tips, deleafing decisions, dialing in VPD, & More!

Blinding you with (plant) science!

In this weekโ€™s session, Seth held it down solo in the studio and answered viewer questions rapid-fire style! Topics ranged from whether points or percent is the best way to talk about drybacks, to more considerations when managing pH, to some of the things to think about with synthetic breeding, and so much more!


A few choice quotes from the show: 

Drybacks: Percents vs Points

โ€œWe say percentages to keep it in the same scale because we're always talking about VWC and percentage. So how I usually approach this with people is instead of making that calculation of a percent of a percent, I'm always going to tell you on the same scale that we're measuring in. So in the case of, let's say you had a 65% VWC field capacity, a 30% dryback would be drying back to 35%. And the reason we talk about that that way is just to keep it simple.โ€ 


โ€“ Seth 

Deleafing Matters

โ€œWhen I pop that leaf off the plant itโ€™s sending a signal that it needs auxin to basically form a callus or a scar over the woundโ€ฆThe problem is, the same compound that helps form that callus tissue is also responsible for both rooting and stretching in the plant. So because that hormone is produced at the very distal ends of all of our branches, the tips, it's got to travel down through that branchโ€ฆto that wound site to induce that callus production. So in effect, it's exposing that whole branch to auxin and producing stretch.โ€ 


โ€“ Seth

Organics Insights

โ€œOne of the key things with growing organically is understanding the decomposition rates and breakdown of that nutrient source and how long it takes in situation for those nutrients to become plant available." 


โ€“ Seth

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