Office Hours Episode 95

Day/Night target ranges, how AROYA GO differs from Core, calculating drybacks, & More!

Let’s get into the weeds!

After a couple weeks off the air, Jason and Seth were back in studio getting to the root of of several cultivation topics! From detailing the differences between AROYA GO and the full  platform, to delivering more clarity about pH, to calculating drybacks and shot sizes, and so much more, talking crops with the growmies truly is the highlight of our week!


Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

Steering Crops in Greenhouses

“When we're looking at a greenhouse…your strategy is changing throughout the year. You're a little bit more exposed in terms of like, you don't have as much insulation, you don't have as much control of when clouds go by. I don't know what your supplemental lighting situation is. CO2 is very difficult because hey, if it's the summertime and it's really hot and we have to vent a lot, it's going to be hard to get that co2 up. But we might not have a problem getting our light intensity up, which is going to end up affecting things like that ph, our daily drybacks.”


– Seth

Shot Size Math

“If we have a 20% dryback, then usually the next day we're going to want to irrigate 25% to 30% to replenish and get a slight amount of runoff. And next up, we're also going to think about, okay, well, what's the longest irrigation duration that we want to be hitting? Usually for generative, we never want to be larger than a 5% shot of the substrate size. And then for vegetative – so for P1s, we'll be anywhere between 3% and 5% as a baseline. And for P2s, usually we'll be between one and 3%." 


– Jason

Don’t Sleep on the Dryback Calculator

“It's actually pretty fun. If we had 20 sensors in a room, I could go just highlight a period of time and just have it spit out a list of how far each of those sensors dried back in the given time-period…and that really makes doing some of these calculations a lot quicker and easier, especially because you're not looking at spreadsheets, trying to do same calculations over and over and over or dragging your mouse back and forth.” 


– Seth

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