Office Hours Episode 94

A deep-dive into pH, cure space considerations, managing powdery mildew, & More!

Growing together every week!

In this week’s session, Seth and Jason took us down the rabbit hole to give an overview of pH – something the community is always curious about – and why monitoring pH is so crucial in cultivation. But from there the convo flowed on everything from considerations for your curing space, to managing powery mildew in your home grow, and so much more!


A few choice quotes from the show:

Set your home grow up for success

β€œA lot of times I'm so excited to get these seeds popping and start rocking and rolling that I'll cut some corners. And it seems like when I do that, I end up spending two or three times the amount of energy later trying to fix stuff up after I've got rolling. So give yourself a little bit of extra patience there, maybe an extra few dollars just to get your set up as nice as you can afford and spend on it, both energy and time-wise.” 

– Jason


Keep an eye on pH

β€œWhen we see that ph drifting low, that's when we really do want to keep making sure we're getting runoff every single day, usually that 5%-10% minimum of irrigation volume. And that way we can also get a good ph sample. And it's important, too, when you're doing this, to make sure you're irrigating slowly and actually hitting field capacity before you get runoff. So that way your sample actually reflects what's in the block and isn't artificially high because you're pushing water through just to get that runoff.”


Don’t skimp on nutrients

β€œWe'd rather probably just be overfeeding slightly with these plants than underfeeding them. When we consider all of the cost factors that are going into growing cannabis, we would rather just be wasting just a tad bit of money on probably nutrients than losing money based on shortcutting the nutrients. When we think about all the inputs that are cost inputs to grow cannabis, nutrients is usually not one of the top three.” 

– Jason  

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