Episode 8

AROYA Office Hours Episode Eight: Ask AROYA Anything

Dive in to this week's discussion about all things cannabis, cultivation, crop steering, and more.

The vibes are educational, the special guests are bringing some fire growing knowledge, and our cultivation experts are answering your questions!

The latest virtual Q&A of AROYA Office Hours was a grab bag of topicsβ€”from crop steering and flipping, to lollipopping and drybacks.

Experts Jason Van Leuven and Philip Malmquist chatted with special guest and grower, Seth Baumgartner, for an informative discussion rooted in all things cannabis and cultivation.

Watch the full episode and enjoy some of the highlights from episode eight.

The right tools will give you more control.

β€œYou're always crop steering at some point, even if you know it or don't know it; it's only when you have the tools ... that's when you can really dial it in and crop steer to your liking and really do what you intend to do.” -- Philip Malmquist

Tech will help you steer your decisions.

β€œ...Trying to crop steer without sensors would be like trying to drive a race car without a tachometer. You can definitely do it, but you need to know exactly when to make certain decisions, what kind of thresholds you're looking at, and then be able to fine tune.” -- Seth Baumgartner

The plants can handle the light.

β€œIf everything else can keep up … cannabis plants are high intensity. They can handle a lot of light and they can produce biomass very quickly.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Want good drybacks? Consider substrate size.

β€œThat's plant biology. If you're trying to get good drybacks and have the most steerable control possible, using the appropriate-sized media is the absolute first decision to to get those drybacks.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Manage the environment with VPD.

β€œAnd VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) is really one of the best ways and one of the best indicators on how to manage your environment, because you can really say, β€˜This is the temperature that I want to operate at,’ and then match it with your humidity.” -- Jason Van Leuven


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