Office Hours Episode 77

Data security, lighting matters, tips for proper curing, & More!

Feels great to be back in session with the Gromies!

After a few weeks off, the whole team was on the hangout ready to talk crops with our awesome cultivation community! And Jason and Seth had lots to cover, thanks to all of you coming through with the fire questions. The guys broke down everything from AROYA’s data security features, to the best way to measure water activity, to the differences between CMH, HPS, and LED lighting, and so much more!


Check out these gems before you check out the episode:

Water Activity is The Cure 

“When we're looking at a water activity we're looking at the availability of that water to microbes and fungus, right? So we're looking for that perfect dry point where we know we haven't overdried the product and gassed off a bunch of terps/ruined the cure, and we've also found that point where it's shelf stable, it's safe.” – Seth

Shedding Light on CMH vs HPS vs LED

“Let's just break out what they stand for: CMH being ceramic metal highlight, HPS being high pressure sodium, and then LED being light emitting diode…Typically CMHs are going to be a little bit lower wattage…Right now, LEDs are getting to be kind of a standard in the industry because of some of the capabilities that have been developed in the last five years…And basically historically, HPS have dominated the market, especially in the flower rooms, simply because they have a pretty reasonable full spectrum output.” – Jason

Chemo, Geno, or Pheno: What’s Your Type?

“With chemotype, what we're looking at is the overall result in different cannabinoid concentration, terpene concentration, and what that profile looks like. So theoretically, right, if we grow the same strain the same way every single time, we're going to have a very consistent chemotype expression…When we're looking at phenotype…we cross two parents and now we've got a bunch of seeds…Those phenotypes are just different expressions off of the same cross. And then genotype is the parents: what is that source material, where are the genetics from.” – Seth

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