Office Hours Episode 76

Talking Crops with Medusa’s Eden, & More!

This week’s sesh buddies: Maine’s very own Medusa’s Eden!

For our 76th Episode, Seth and Producer Chris welcomed Dexter and Virginia from Medusa’s Eden onto the program! The partners in life and business tapped into this week’s session to talk about everything from why harnessing data is so important in their business and some of the ways the market has changed on the east coast – especially in Maine. We also got into strategies for rooting plants, the impact of fertilizer choices on plant growth, the factors that influence purple coloration, and so much more!


Check out these highlights from the episode:

Rooting In Balance

“We want that media to dry out, to get enough pore space for those roots to penetrate, and have them follow that water table downward. But we don't want to wait so long to hit the point where we've got this pot in this room, it's warming up to like 80 degrees, it's full of water and, now there's no oxygen in it – so we get a bacterial bloom, aka root rot.” – Seth

Real-Time Data Makes A Huge Difference

“We can't afford to have one month off. We run a cannabis delivery service as well, so we can't lose a crop for a month, otherwise we won't have fresh products for our phone. So being able to not look at the substrate and know what's happening in the soil with the data, it would be crazy for me, I think, as a grower, to not have that information, to be able to make those changes on this crop now, opposed to have to wait until it finished. You know what I mean? It helps you learn on the job. I feel like a lot better.” – DExter, Medusa’s Eden 

But That’s Not All

“Passion is where it's at in this industry. Even if you've got a great business plan, if you don't cultivate passion in your organization and pride in what you do, it's going to reflect in your end product.” – Seth

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