Episode 75

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventy-Five: Celebrating with Cookies University’s Class of 2023!

Grateful to our community for 75 sessions of cultivation conversation!

Honoring our 75th episode put us in a celebratory mood, so we decided to mark the occasion with Cookies University’s Class of 2023! It was our first chance to catch up with Cyani, Malik, Menes, and Wendy since spending two days in Humboldt last Spring teaching them the wonderful world of science-based cultivation. Not only did they share with us their plans for the future, but they also got to share their insights and even ask Seth and Jason some questions about EC and more.


Check out a few of our favorite quotes from the episode: 

When Tech Meets Craft

"There's just kind of this idea out there that because you're using technology, it's no longer craft or there's no longer the growers’ touch input. And I think turning it around, you guys realize it like, hey, we treated these different strains differently, but we just use this technology to quantify that so we can repeat it." – Seth

Best Practices for SOLUS Checks

"Best times to make SOLUS checks are right before you irrigate, a little bit after you irrigate, so say, ten to 15 minutes after your last irrigation and then also before lights off. So that's going to give you at least three data points per day that are probably most important to understand." – Jason

Primer on Pot Size

"The smaller the media you go, the more you have to water throughout a day. More irrigation cycles equals more vegetative. And with the bigger media, we can go with generally fewer irrigation cycles and push that dryback." – Seth

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