Episode 74

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventy-Four: Navigating nutrients, light intensity matters, brushing up on field capacity, & More!

Come for the cultivation education, stay for the community!


Episode 74 was a little shorter than usual, but that didn’t keep the growmies from coming through with the hot topics! Jason held it down solo this week and covered a lot in a little bit of time – from the causes of purple stems in plants to the intricacies of managing nutrients to getting back to field capacity basics and so much more, this episode is packed with gems. 

Here are a few of our favorites from this week’s session:

Bloom Nutes or Nah?

“Pretty much anytime that we are talking about getting that plant to flower, we do want to start using bloom nutrients." – Jason

A Good pH Rule-of-Thumb

“Runoff pH, usually we want to see that pretty close to our feed pH. If we're in Rockwool, we definitely want that runoff pH to be as close to 5-6 as possible. For coco, you might be 5.8, maybe 6.0 on your feed pH, and so runoff, same thing – let's try and keep it as close as possible. That means that our plants are eating balanced nutrition and our substrate is not modifying the pH that we're feeding the plant.” – Jason

Purple Stems in Veg? Here’s Step 1:

“Check the environment in that veg room, make sure that your temps are higher, relative humidities are higher, typically shooting for a VPD around 0.6 - 0.7…If it's too cold, you're more likely to have some of that purple in the stems.” – Jason

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