Episode 73

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventy-Three: Day-night differentials, far-red lighting effects, Why AROYA, & More!

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There’s never a dull moment in the world of cannabis cultivation! In Episode 73, Jason and Seth covered lots of ground  – talking about everything from how far-red light and stomatal conductance factor into plant growth, to the intricacies of correcting pH and nutrient imbalances, to their opinions on the best software to use for crop steering (spoiler alert: it’s AROYA).

Just a few of our favorite quotes of the week…

The Root of the Matter

“One of the easiest ways to identify if you're running low on EC is time series data. So looking at hey, as our water contents decrease after our feeds, does our EC start to rise? If it starts to drop, that means the plant is eating nutrients faster than the salts of the nutrients are concentrating in that substrate." — Jason


“It's really hard to correlate a lot of these things without a root zone EC measurement.” — Seth

The Best Pest Defense

“Cannabis builds these wonderful trichomes with these interesting terpenes and oils, and a big function of that is those seeds are nice and safe in there from bugs. It's pretty hard to crawl in and get them once the plant's healthy. So that is definitely step one.” – Seth

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